Why Businesses in Central Orlando Need a Virtual CIO and CTO

Businesses require proper technology leadership, plans, and preparations to excel them into phenomenal growth. If you’re lacking in these areas you should consider our Virtual CIO and CTO services that will provide you with expert and professional advice on how your IT should drive your business success.

Virtual CIO and CTO Can Produce The Focus Your Central Orlando Business Needs

Technology is ever-growing, and if you want your business to grow with it, it’s time to accept it as an integral piece of your business infrastructure. Virtual CIO and CTO services from CMIT Solutions provide our clients with IT strategies, budgeting advice, blueprints for success, and a technology planning process that will gear your company to becoming a leader within its industry.

Prepare for the future.

Hiring an executive technology leader is not an option for many businesses. Your CMIT Solutions Virtual CIO will help you prepare for the future and provide access to an experienced IT team at a fraction of the cost of having your own in-house team. We’ll also bring the lessons learned and best practices from supporting many businesses, not only yours.


Developing your technology plan and IT infrastructure layout is our first step in our planning process. We will shape these key areas to match your business goals.


Our virtual CIO services can supply the blueprints that will show you how to build your goals with a solid outlook, strategy and the resources you’ll need.


Your IT infrastructure will receive ongoing maintenance from us based on your defined agreements and required procedures.