Getting to know our organization needs and providing knowledge and recommendations for all aspects of our technology needs. As our organization has grown so have our needs and your constant support has been invaluable. Yearly, CMIT provides staff a cyber-security training session. You cannot go wrong with CMIT Orlando. CMIT’s customer services is always on point, they respond to service calls quickly, they often recommend things and if needed will show staff what they did wrong and how to do it right for next time. At times, CMIT will also show staff how to prevent things from happening.

Jamie L. Procurement and Grants Manager
Non Profit

Our IT cost were drastically reduced since working with CMIT and the techs are always available anytime I have an issue. I also want to say that we rarely have any down time which is a huge benefit. When we switched over to CMIT from our previous company CMIT made the transition a seamless process. You send down a person to visit quarterly and also do an in-person HIPAA training course which I think is a huge benefit. I have worked with several other IT services over the past 20 years and CMIT really has been the best, I can always call Mike which is the owner if I have any issues and he makes sure I get taken care of, I can always count on Mike to help me day or night. Whereas with other IT companies you have to leave a message and they may get back to you in a few days. I have always been completely satisfied with their performance.

Bridget E. Practice Manager
Medical Practice

There are folks at CMIT on staff here you can count on every day. They are knowledgeable and friendly towards our staff and guests. I would say, in the 31 years of working in hotels in New York, Washington DC and Orlando, I have come across many IT Vendors. CMIT ranks among the best of the IT firms I’ve worked with over the years. I feel very comfortable recommending them.

Joe C. General Manager
International Drive Area Hotel

I have worked with other companies that when you call it can take hours to get answers back. CMIT is always available. The president Mike personally calls to make sure we are doing good and comes to visit our site to check on our systems and do upgrades.

Gary M. Sales Manager
Automotive Parts Distributor

We used to have an employee that handled our IT, but it saves us so much money to use CMIT and the results are actually way better, taking us to a much higher level of service. The return on investment with CMIT is incredible. If the computers go down, our business is at a standstill, so by having CMIT on board to keep things running smoothly is essential to running our business. One early concern I had is that we have to put a lot of trust with a firm managing our computer networks. Once we decided to use CMIT, we quickly learned that we could fully trust them.

Phil F. President
Speciality Contractor

CMIT has a broad depth of knowledge. If you don’t know the answer, they have someone on their team who is able to assist. Getting our equipment up to date and managing any of the technical issues that arise has been the single biggest benefit since working with Mike and his technical team. All in all, the customer service is excellent. We have been with CMIT for over 12 years, I think our longevity speaks for a lot.

Melanie A. Office Administrator
Civil Engineering Firm