IT Procurement Services Simplifying How You Handle Technology Purchasing

Wondering why you need IT procurement services? Deciding what IT equipment your business needs to purchase can be difficult. Purchasing the wrong PC with a poor driver could lead to an array of complex and time-consuming issues. Or you could find yourself purchasing a cloud solution at a high-end price when you could have found one that handles your needs at a more affordable cost. Our IT procurement services are able to help!

IT Procurement Services, Let CMIT In Central Orlando Handle It

We’re not going to just manage your IT purchases, with our IT procurement services, we are going to make sure those purchases are supported, implemented and the equipment is properly protected. It’s essential to make sure that your IT purchases are sustainable for your businesses current workflow, existing software, and applications. Barracuda, Dell, Intuit, Lexmark, and Microsoft are just a few of the telecommunications providers that we boast trusted and loyal relationships with. These relationships help us offer quality pricing and exceptional support.

What do we offer?

We procure systems and products on your behalf, managing vendor relationships and serving as the first point of technical contact should any issues arise. With CMIT, never wait on the phone for technical support again. Instead, talk to someone that understands your business and can solve your problems.


We’ll do the working finding out what your business needs to meet your goals and objectives. We’ll take into important considerations your budget and financial restraints while still recommending the best choices.


IT Procurement services is not just ordering. We want to make sure your equipment is installed correctly and protected. Faulty installations or improper unboxing could lead to damage, we’ll eliminate this possibility with our knowledgeable and professional staff.


Once your equipment is installed it should be maintained, inventoried and tracked. If something is faulty we keep track of the warranty information to be sure that you get the proper support and replacements.