Customized Cybersecurity Solutions For Central Florida Businesses

At CMIT Orlando, central Florida business's digital safety is our top priority. In an era where cyber threats evolve daily, we pride ourselves on offering cybersecurity IT services that are as unique as the businesses we protect. Unlike other Managed Service Providers (MSPs), our approach to cybersecurity is not a product off the shelf—it’s a bespoke suit tailored to your company’s specific needs and regulatory landscape.

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Customized Cybersecurity Approach

What sets us apart is our personalized strategy. We begin by understanding the heart of your business—the workflow, the compliance requirements, and the potential vulnerabilities. In a market flooded with generic cybersecurity "stacks," CMIT Orlando’s approach is meticulously crafted around each client’s distinct requirements. Whether you manage financial records or run a landscaping enterprise, our cybersecurity solutions are designed to address your unique challenges.

Staying Ahead Of Cyber Threats

In cybersecurity, stagnation is not an option. Our team at CMIT Orlando is engaged in a constant cycle of education and industry updates, keeping us on the frontline of defense against emerging threats. From participating in professional organizations to weekly reviews of the latest cyber dangers, we ensure that our defenses are as current as the threats are novel.

Training And Certifications

Our expertise is backed by a robust portfolio of certifications, including CISSP, network security, and various Microsoft accreditations. We're not just a team of IT specialists; we're a squadron of certified cybersecurity defenders ready to safeguard your digital assets.

Compliance Assistance

Regulatory compliance is a critical component of cybersecurity. CMIT Orlando is adept at navigating the complex waters of HIPAA, SOC2 Types 1 and 2, CIS Safeguards, GDPR, and other industry-specific regulations, ensuring your business meets the necessary standards without compromise.

Monitoring And Incident Response

We've instituted around-the-clock monitoring systems to detect and respond to threats the moment they appear. Our national network, with offices across Florida and beyond, ensures there's always someone ready to tackle security incidents, no matter the hour.

Measuring Success And Continuous Improvement

The silent sentinel of success in cybersecurity is often the absence of incidents. However, at CMIT Orlando, we also measure progress through regular assessments, scanning for vulnerabilities and ensuring that our proactive measures evolve with the threat landscape.

Case Study: Real-World Cybersecurity Challenge

A recent challenge illustrates our vigilance: an employee was targeted by a scammer posing as a bank representative. Thanks to our real-time monitoring tools, we immediately detected and thwarted the unauthorized access, preventing any potential breach.

CMIT has a broad depth of knowledge. If you don’t know the answer, they have someone on their team who is able to assist. Getting our equipment up to date and managing any of the technical issues that arise has been the single biggest benefit since working with Mike and his technical team. All in all, the customer service is excellent. We have been with CMIT for over 12 years, I think our longevity speaks for a lot.

Melanie A. Office Administrator
Civil Engineering Firm

We used to have an employee that handled our IT, but it saves us so much money to use CMIT and the results are actually way better, taking us to a much higher level of service. The return on investment with CMIT is incredible. If the computers go down, our business is at a standstill, so by having CMIT on board to keep things running smoothly is essential to running our business. One early concern I had is that we have to put a lot of trust with a firm managing our computer networks. Once we decided to use CMIT, we quickly learned that we could fully trust them.

Phil F. President
Speciality Contractor

I have worked with other companies that when you call it can take hours to get answers back. CMIT is always available. The president Mike personally calls to make sure we are doing good and comes to visit our site to check on our systems and do upgrades.

Gary M. Sales Manager
Automotive Parts Distributor

CMIT Orlando is committed to providing cybersecurity solutions for central Florida businesses that are as dynamic and resilient as the threats they counter. Our proactive, personalized approach ensures that your business is not only protected today but also prepared for the cyber challenges of tomorrow. Connect with us to secure your peace of mind in the digital age.

Assess Your Risk

Taking the proper steps to recognized your exposure to threats is important, CMIT in Central Orlando knows how to efficiently target your weaknesses and where you can improve.

Multi-Layered Protection

Our cybersecurity experts will integrate the defenses tailored to your business needs in a seamless manner so you can expect no interruption to your business operations.

Ongoing Defense

We put together daily and monthly reports on trends within your operations so we can determine security inspections as needed. We also implement scheduled periodic inspections of your complete security infrastructures.