Taking IT Management Off Your Hands

Managed IT services are a pivotal and essential solution required for any small and medium sized businesses to operate smoothly. If you’re constantly spending precious time resolving information technology issues, you’re wasting valuable company resources that could be used to increase your cash flow. CMIT provides dedicated and trustworthy services from experts who are passionate about what they do. Look to our expert team as your complete managed service provider (MSP) in Orlando and Central Florida to support your network, systems and processes.

Our Managed IT Services

We’re not going to just take over your IT. Our managed IT services are going to work directly with you and communicate on your business needs and goals. We want to find what problems we can solve that will provide you with the most efficient network, data, devices, and applications. Our services include:

  • Monthly metrics
  • Status reviews
  • Back-up and protection of data
  • Cybersecurity defenses

Managed IT Services: Working Smarter, Not Harder.

We assess IT infrastructure every day and support businesses of every size. All it takes is a conversation to find out how we can help you work easier with our managed IT services in Orlando and Central Florida.