Mobile Device Management to Improve Your Business Security

In today’s technology-driven consumer market, there’s no way to avoid the influx of mobile smart devices. Your employees carry them in their pockets, or maybe they even have a tablet that helps them manage and organize their day at work. The problem is not having access to these smart devices, it’s that they are not being managed. Those devices could infect your corporate network and data infrastructure with one click. That’s where CMIT’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) services come in.

Any smart mobile device that sets foot into your business should be protected from cyber attacks, just like any desktop. You might be thinking this is not an easy feat as these are personal devices and not company-owned.

CMIT Solutions’ Mobile Device Management offers mobile security with the simplicity of the installation of a smart app. This app will provide the integrity and privacy needed to protect your employees’ personal data while also keeping their device secure and exempt from potential security breaches that have the power to work their way into your business network.

Make BYOD part of your plan.

Give your employees the gift of data privacy and business access with affordable mobile device management that follows the Bring Your Own Device model, transforming smartphones and tablets into productivity-enhancing tools.


Let’s put together an evaluation on your business’ mobile device management needs, then we can choose a device that works for you for the best range of options.


Our software includes a reliable tracking service that lets you find any potential phone with a security threat, lock it, block access to the network and more.


We will review mobile device stats monthly with you as an inclusion to our technology review. Reviewing these stats will help you make more informed decisions on the tools your employees need to be more productive and efficient in the workplace.